Billed as the “first-ever” SIB project in healthcare, Fresno County California announced pilot program in asthma intervention.

Fresno County spends an estimated $35 million a year on asthma-related costs, and one in five children in the county are reportedly suffering from the condition. Led by Connecticut-based Collective Health, the Fresno program will seek to reduce costs for asthma hospitalizations.

The California Endowment has pledged $660,000 to finance a pilot for the two-year program which will involve approximately 200 lower income children with asthma.

Insurance claims data will be used to evaluate the program, and if significant cost savings are realized, the program will be increased in size and will be financed using social impact bond techniques.

The intermediary involved in this transaction is Boston-based Social Finance U.S., sister organization to Social Finance U.K., the originator of the Peterborough Project. More Information