The Connecticut Center for Social Innovation Inc. (CCSI) collaborates actively with a number of national and state-specific organizations to achieve shared goals. We invite participation of additional organizations who share our commitment to developing systems and funding models which enable the improvement of social services.


CAHS-logoThe Connecticut Association of Human Service(CAHS) is one of the oldest and best-known social services organization in the State of Connecticut. In operation for more than 100 years, the focus of CAHS is to help move families out of poverty to economic security. CAHS policy initiatives include workforce training, childcare, education, health care, and financial education.


Nonprofit-Finance-Fund-logoThe Nonprofit Finance Fund (“NFF”) is a major Community Development Financial Institution which provides financial education and funding to nonprofits nationwide. Funded by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, NFF serves as a national information hub regarding the development of social impact bonds and related financing initiatives. CCSI and NFF have collaborated to provide an Incubator and consulting services regarding Pay for Success Programs for a cohort of leading Connecticut nonprofits.


RC_logoReentry Central is an online weekly newsletter devoted to news and information about criminal justice reform. Reentry Central began publication in 2010, and is now the nation‘s largest non-governmental repository of online information regarding criminal justice reentry programs and related criminal justice issues. Reentry Central’s News Headlines are distributed each week to more than 9,000 criminal justice professionals nationwide.


Freedom Cars of AmericaFreedom Cars of America Inc. (FCA) is an affiliate of the Connecticut Center for Social Innovation Inc. FCA was founded to help members of low income communities in obtaining quality used cars to assist in securing or maintaining employment. FCA combines low cost car financing with assistance in job acquisition and financial management for promising individuals seeking to find a way out of poverty.